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Rómeó és Júlia - Operettszínház, Budapest (2010)

Dolhai Attila / Szerényi László - Rómeó
Vágo Bernadett / Vágó Zsuzsi - Júlia
Szabó P. Szilveszter / Magócs Otto - Tybalt    
Imre Sebastian / Németh Attila - Escalus, the Prince of Verona 
Csuha Lajos - Capulet    
Janza Kata / Füredi Nikolett - Lady Capulet
Csengeri Ottília - Lady Montague
Polyák Lilla / Nádasi Veronika - the Nanny   
Pálfalvy Attila / Földes Tamás - Pater Lorenzo 
Szabó Dávid / Bereczki Zoltán - Mercutio    
Kerényi Miklós Máté / Meszaros Árpád Zsolt - Benvolio    
Egyházi Géza - Paris

R&J isn't my favourite musical on earth, but it's a nice feel-good show. It's nice to watch the twisted details and the excellent actors and dancers and all. The musical itself has far too many similar-sounding love songs and angsty solos for my taste (seriously, if I heard only the melody I couldn't tell most slow songs from another) and somehow the sad songs most of the time lack the sadness and are just light pop. The catchy and angry songs work, though. I'm more interested in the minor characters than the love couple, because the minor characters have fascinating interaction going on. The Hungarian production of the musical is definitely the best I've encountered; they have something interesting going on stage and not just the obligatory love story. Everyone has an affair with each other, and for example Tybalt and Lady Capulet clearly seem to have something going on between them, which is awfully fascinating to follow. Lady C is having something going on with everyone, though. Zoltán!Mercutio tends to discreetly carry her offstage in the masquerade in a very suggestive way, she flirts with Paris, has an affair with a servant... I bet Shakespeare would love the production.

They do have made some odd solutions, too. Romeo dies by hanging himself in the church, with Juliet's body tied to him. Then Juliet wakes up, notices she's hanging tied to dead Romeo, and opens her wrists with Romeo´s knife. Romantic.

I've seen the production with different cast combinations. Attila Dolhai is starting to be a bit too old to be believable as an angsty 20-year-old Romeo, whereas László Szerényi was much more dreamy and Romeo-like and I like his voice more. Both Vágó girls are nice as Juliet, but Zsuzsi seemed to have more going on in her head than Bernadett. Dávid Szabó as Mercutio didn't impress me at all, he overacted the death scene and was otherwise just uninteresting and not my kind of Mercutio. The death scene requires certain drama, but it can be done in a more believable way, and Zoltán Bereczki is amazing as Mercutio, though he's getting a bit too old for the role, too. Attila Pálfalvy as Pater Lorenzo blew me away. The very last song is boring as hell, but the guy practically stole the show, whereas I haven't yet managed to really like Tamás Földes in anything. Veronika Nádasi's Nanny has more guts, balls and every other symbolical body part you can think of, and I liked her acting more than Lilla Polyák's, but Lilla's voice is more beautiful. I like it how the Nanny grabs Romeo's thigh at some point, much like a potential customer checking a horse, and seems to approve of him.

Kata Janza doedn't sound as bad anymore as I had feared, and I like her acting as Lady Capulet, but Nikolett Füredi sings much more beautifully and there's nothing wrong with her acting, either. It was nice to see Szilveszter Szabó as Tybalt, because previously we had Otto Magócs and he's one of the most unimpressive actors I've seen on stage. Sziszi has a more Tybalt-ic air in him, and he's the Angst Master of the theatre. I also enjoted Kiskero as Benvolio, he's bouncy and lively and nice to watch, and together with Zoltán they were very amusing. And bouncy. MÁZs is still eww and I don't like his voice, though he sings well.

Géza Egyházi has found his inner Paris, meaning that he's far more interested in for example Lady Capulet than in her daughter. Out of the male persons on stage, I'd definitely go with Paris, and then possibly have an angsty boy or two as lovers if I'd really feel like it. Paris seems to have more common sense, bigger incomes, and no crazy family following him around. Besides, both Zsolt Homonnay and Géza happen to match my taste in men more than the boys. :P

And goodness, someone please do something about Attila Németh's (the Prince) trousers. They're tight and show every detail there is to show. He could have gone there without trousers and I would have been less disturbed. (He also looked like he was going around commando.) The same goes for Ottília Csengeri's breasts that seem to have a personality of their own. I wonder why they haven't already added them to the cast list.

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