17 kesäkuuta 2012

Muscles ahead!

Considering that it's summer, I'm busy with work and 70 % of the Google search results with which people have come to my blog are something like "csaba nagy tanz der vampire", "csaba nagy größe", "csaba nagy black vampire" and so on, here's a little photospam of the Hungarian dancer Csaba Nagy for all those interested, including him and other nice Hungarian dancers in the local production of Tanz der Vampire. I don't recognize them all, I'm sorry, but there's at least Ákos Tihányi, Lájos Turi, Dávid Baranya, Zoltán Fekete and Szilvia Tarodi. My taste of men is a bit different, but the gentlemen are aesthetic, anyway, so maybe they will cheer up this rainy Sunday. I have a pile of blog post subjects waiting for my attention but no time to write them, so let's keep it up in an easy way.
All photos © PS Produkció